Find a great apartment Where are the best apartments in Conyers GA? We have the answer! We have made a research and ranked some apartments in Conyers, according to size, quality, neighborhood, etc. If you are planning to move to the area, or you are visiting Conyers for a month or so, read on since our advice might save your time and energy.

The city center:

This city is great for families and people who prefer to relax, rather than live excitements. However, the City Center is a perfect place to live in, due to its variety in choice of apartments. You prefer high-rise buildings? City Center has them! You dream of a smaller home for your family and pets, with a garden and perhaps a swimming pools? Again, welcome to the City Center. Another benefit is a rather affordable rent that will allow you to enjoy some other commodities. Furthermore, the city itself has great conditions of living in terms of financing. It is relatively close to Atlanta, you can even say it is its suburb. Despite this, you will pay significantly less for living costs than in Atlanta. Therefore, we believe this will be your choice No. 1 if you are thinking of moving somewhere close.

Old Covington Rd.

If your wallet is a bit “deeper“ than average, you might consider the above mentioned address for your new home residence. Here you can find everything, from single-family houses with gardens and lots of privacy and comfort, to standard high-rise building apartment. There are also beautifully designed apartment complexes that offer you all the comfort you can possibly imagine, plus the safety of living in a community.

Route 155/E. Fairview Rd. SW

If you prefer an upscale neighborhood, with luxury single – family houses, beautifully designed gardens and private swimming pools, lots of parking space and your own garage, this area is perfect match for you. Accordingly, you will have to pay much more than you would for an apartment in the City Center, for example, but if you are a piece and relaxation type of person, you will not regret choosing this zone for your apartment.

50 St. James Dr.

If you are looking for real luxury, in terms of community amenities and apartment characteristics as well, we highly recommend the address above. The community has outstanding amenities, such as yoga rooms, pet stations, controlled access entry, courtesy day and night patrol, barbeque and picnic areas, swimming pools, a lake with great views, garages, court yards, sport centers, fitness center, emergency maintenance services and many more. The apartments in this zone are fully furnished, have gardens, swimming pools, internet and cables ready, garden tubs, home security alarms, are pet friendly and well-designed.